Safety Statement

STP- Safety Top Priority:

ACI prioritizes safety at the top of its list. Safety is part of our foundation.

The 32+ years of experience I have in the construction industry have installed a clear understanding of the key ingredients to success. General contractors that work with sub-contractors should be familiar with them in ways that will demonstrate compatibility. Both should share relevant information that would bring reliability to the services provided. We understand what general contractors are seeking: 1) They need to know who they are doing business with. 2) They need to trust who they are doing business with. This is why today's sub-contractors must provide full company information at time of pre-qualification. Three aspects need to be evaluated: a) Safety, B) Financials and c) Resources. All three items need to be in line to demonstrate/ showcase a good sub-contractor. To ACI Safety is #1 and will always be #1. We take great pride in providing training, in the fields of:

• First Aid- CPR Certification
• Operators Equipment Certification
• Confined Space certification
• Dust Control- Safe Driving practices

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The Arizona Minority Business Enterprise Center (AMBEC) in June 2008 chose ACI as the recipient of a very prestigious honor: Arizona's Minority Contractor of the year.

EMOD Rating

Safety Record '08

When ACI started we did not have an EMOD rating in place. After one year in business we achieved this rating. But we knew our EMOD rating would be representative of how ACI conducts business. Our first year in business we had zero incidents and zero time lost accidents. Zero traffic incidents and we constantly reminded our employees of these concerns. Our first EMOD rating was 0 .92 for 2007.

Safety Record '09

Our EMOD rating for 2008 was 0.90 and as of July 2009 it dropped to 0.82. We take great pride in seeking to achieve EMOD even to a lower rating knowing our employees and R-O-W work zones are in a safe environment. Another component to safety is our communications protocol to assure first responders can have ability to make a difference in a situation that may require safety application of rescue.

Safety Awards

Safety certificate for 12 Months period of zero accidents from our Workman's Compensation carrier.

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