Manhole & Catch Basin Installations

During installations ACI places absolute importance to specifications and materials. Our carpenters form and pour structures to accommodate finish grade completion on top surface. Some underground structures have other testing criteria that go along with the inspector’s acceptance of the structure. For Example: A) Epoxy lining, B) Insecticide application certified, C) Spark testing, D) Exterior Emulsion coatings and E) Exterior Cable tie downs for Irrigation low pressure MH’s.

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ACI is a fine company to deal with. If given the opportunity we would gladly have ANDALE Construction work with us again. Andale sets the bar at the highest level with Safety and Performance.

Manhole Rehabilitation (Epoxy Applications)

Andale Construction, Inc. is very proud to launch a new business unit. This will show to the industry that ACI has a clear vision and that the new unit will complement the existing ACI business units.

We work with new concrete structures and exiting structures that have been severely corroded from H2s and other harsh chemical attacks. This includes tanks, pipelines, secondary containment structures, and other miscellaneous infrastructure. We have experience in the following industries:

• Waste Water
• Potable / Reclaimed water
• Refinery - Power Plants
• Aviation - International Airports
• Municipal Utility Infrastructure
• Private-owners developers

Field Inspection

• Third party NACE inspectors on-site inspection during application
• Surface preparation inspection & depth profile measuring capabilities of steel substrates
• Concrete surface evaluation / condition for new and corroded surfaces
• Analysis- determining surface failure reports

Our specialized equipment is for application of 100% solid epoxies on various concrete & steel substrates.

David Mattingly, NACE Inspector #7663
(918) 527-8781
References are available upon request.

Epoxi Materials

Standard Epoxy Coating 4553™, a 100% solids, solvent-less two-component epoxy resin-coating system with increased bond strength and board range chemical resistance

Technical Specifications sewer manhole rehabilitation system with a protective cement liner and high build epoxy coating.

Specification for Applying A Protective High Build Epoxy Coating to a Concrete Sewer Manhole (As provided by Standard Cement Materials)

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