Community Involvement Statement

Andale Construction Inc. (ACI) is involved with many Arizona-based community and faith organizations that foster personal and community growth, faith, education and skills training. We're proud of our membership and we look forward to continuing to increasing our involvement.

ACI is involved with Younglife, My Brother's Keeper, and various elementary and pre-schools in Arizona. We take great pride in providing support for our communities by way of donations. ACI's managing partners' goal is to continue to participate in programs that provide children with opportunity to grow educationally.

Luis De la Cruz President CEO

Because ACI takes community involvement seriously, we work with local 501c-3 organizations and also contribute to supporting our youth to grow and become positive contributors in our communities. We continue to participate in programs that make our communities' neighborhoods safe, clean, and enjoyable. Our long term goal is be an example to others companies and individuals.

Young Life's vision of "every kid, everywhere, for eternity," is being realized through their dynamic international ministry. No matter where Young Life goes throughout the world, their motivation, methods and ministry are making a difference.
- Susan Hutchison, former Young Life Board of Trustees member, and former news anchorwoman.

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Enviroment Statement

ANDALE Construction, Inc. collaborates with project owners, project engineers, general contractors, and municipalities to improve and expedite production time, increase coordination between all parties involved, minimize the potential for third-party litigation, and create an overall working environment that enhances and maximizes profitability and minimizes project costs.

ACI has resources to engage with 3rd party consultants should any project require special attention to environmental concerns and the enhancement of existing work zone conditions. Preservation and proper working methods within designed guidelines will produce a quality demonstration of environmental respect.


Our Clientes like doing business with us.
So far, ACI's marketing has been limited to word of mouth - that's how much our clients like doing business with us. That high level of repeat business and work of mouth recommendations sets us apart in the construction industry.

Our success is based on our strong work ethic and our ability to provide superior service at affordable prices. Though ACI is budget-minded, at times competitors will bid projects at lower rates - yet, clients continue to hire us because they place value in our reliability, confidence and safety. These are quality values that are gained through specialized training and education and a clear understanding if work-zone safety factors.

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