Safety, Quality Workmanship, and Professional Standards

Andale Construction Inc is an Arizona based industrial and commercial construction company that has been taking the local community by storm. The company is recognized in the underground utilities industry as an outstanding service provider as measured by its core values and quality workmanship.

ACI specializes with Underground Utilities focusing with these 3 business units:
• HDD- Horizontal Directional Drilling “AKA” Trenchless technology.
• Water, Sanitary Sewer, Fire Service Lines, Irrigation and Storm Drain facilities.
• Manhole installations, rehabilitation and epoxy coatings.

Andale Constriction Inc. is proud to have a record of completing 96% of their projects on time!


ACI has an extensive background in the construction industry. The company operates by taking into consideration integration & observation of local concerns and working with other agencies’ representatives to achieve best results. ACI supports the fundamentals of a TEAM concept environment. Our safety program is known as:

STP: Safety Top Priority


Underground utilities is a very specialized branch of the construction industry. In today’s environment there are many environmental agencies and municipalities involved in environment management. ACI incorporates working methodologies and materials to full compliance. All materials and applications are pre-approved and authorized by regulatory commissions.


Training and educating our employees is a key pillar of success. Having our staff well informed and certified in the use of equipment, materials, and existing conditions achieves tremendous results by way of significantly improved project success rates. We constantly monitor programs available and required to help ACI achieve its Safety, Quality Workmanship, and Professional Standards goals.

Andale Construction Guarantees:

• On schedule completion
• Cost-effective process from beginning-end
• Final product exceeds expectations
• Honesty, integrity, and great value

Our Specialties - Utilities

• Potable Water, Sanitary Sewer
• Fire Service Lines, Storm Drain systems
• Irrigation Facilities, Reclaimed Water
• Horizontal Directional Drilling- Electrical,
• Civil Engineering General Contracting

Award - April 2009

The success of ANDALE Construction, Inc. is largely recognized by the resources and friends that have been contributors to education, training and information provided to our small minority construction business enterprises.

Luis De La Cruz – ACI and Wink Ames - INSURICA
Share in celebration with this ADOT DBE Contractor of the year award.
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